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Mower hinged disk bilateral series KDD 860, KDD 940
  • Mower hinged disk bilateral series KDD 860, KDD 940

Mower hinged disk bilateral series KDD 860, KDD 940

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Country of manufacture:Poland
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Mowers hinged disk bilateral KDD 860, KDD 860 (plyushchilka), KDD 860 (vspushivatel), KDD 940, KDD 940 (plyushchilka) of KDD 940 (vspushivatel)

Mowers hinged disk bilateral consist of two mowers with the central suspension bracket, on one bearing frame. Such complete set allows to save time and fuel at a kosheniye of big sites.


  • big width -
  • big productivity -
  • optimum distribution of weight -
  • possibility of use complete with the frontal and hinged mower -
  • possibility of installation in transport, working situation and raising for journey over a mowing, by means of two a hydra of engines.

Mower type

KDD 860

KDD 860, plyushchilka

KDD 860, vspushivatel

KDD 940

KDD 940, plyushchilka

KDD 940 vspushivatel

Capture width

8,60 m

9,40 m

Mowing width

2 x 1,50-2,00 m -/1 x 1,20 m



Quantity of disks

3 x 7

2 x 8/1 x 7

Quantity of knives

42 pieces.

46 pieces.

VOM turns

1000 obr / mines

1000 obr / mines

Tractor power

from 150 h.p.

from 160 h.p.


~ 10 hectares/h

~ 11 hectares/h


1100 Nanometer

1100 Nanometer


1760 kg

1870 kg


Advantages of hinged disk mowers:

  • strong and strong -
  • the compact strengthened kosilochny bar -
  • the tempered runners and the sliding disks from boric steel -
  • smooth adjustment of height kosheniya-
  • length of knives from boric steel is increased to 115 mm -
  • disk podgrebatel leave the equal width of a mowing promoting to collect a mowed grass directly by a press sorter or itself the collecting trailer -
  • the hydraulic elevator installs the mower in situation for transportation -
  • high resistance to hit of stones -
  • the small moments of inertia of the rotating elements -
  • easy and fast replacement of knives -
  • thanks to podgrebatel the mowed grass keeps within the equal roller to 1,5 m -
  • the installed reels in the middle of a kosilochny bar, give the chance of laying of a grass on two mowings.

It is possible to install the mechanism of a vspushivatel and plyushcheniye in the mower.

Advantages of a vspushivatel of a mowing:

  • drying of herbs is several times reduced -
  • tedding exception -
  • decrease in losses of nutritional value of forages, due to effect of the breathing herbs -
  • free distribution of a grass on a wide mowing -
  • uniform compression of a mowed grass in press sorters.

Advantages of a plyushcheniye of a mowing (the plyushcheniye occurs by means of two helicoid shaft rotating in different directions):

  • it is recommended for a kosheniye of bean plants -
  • stalks of a grass break without damage of leaves -
  • passes stones with a diameter up to 5 cm -
  • elimination of a tedding (reduction of number of drives) -
  • decrease in losses of nutritional value of forages due to effect of "the breathing herbs" -
  • uniform compression in press sorters.
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Country of manufacture:Poland
Information is up-to-date: 05.12.2018
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